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Joost Tibosch

Joost Tibosch's field of work is fairly broad. It started with a great love for music and the film. For more than 25 years he has been making applied art, sculptures and objects. Interrupted by years of work on his house and studio. In his design, he is particularly fascinated by both idealized and deformed forms. Often of an organic nature. He has gained some fame with a number of organic kitchens by his hand. Tibosch makes both actually moving objects and furniture objects that seem to be moving. He also investigates the position of the viewer and the resulting perspective. The last two years the emphasis has been on research into moving objects and forces that collide or influence each other. He does this experimentally and intuitively.

Recently he has made a number of objects in which his early childhood echoes.

A previously made object; 'looking around' (1990) provided a new mechanism. This has resulted in The Redshank. After finding this mechanism, Joost spent a long time optimizing dimensions, weights and materials. The Redshank is a kinetic object with an almost resistance-free movement. A standard, two bamboo slats, two ball bearings and two weights.